COMORELP project partners came together in Istanbul, Turkiye for the 5th Transnational Project Meeting!

16th November 2022

The host institution Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Center welcomed the project partners at the Bogazici University and the meeting started on 7th November. After reviewing the Agenda the Project Coordinator Dr. Barbara Worek has initiated the discussion on Regional Round Tables that conducted in each region for self-assessment of regional policies and lifelong learning activities.…

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Lifelong training: innovative practices in the vocational training sector in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

22nd August 2022

The COMORELP project aims to improve our understanding and benchmarking of existing vocational education policies and practices. The approach of the French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is characterised by a focus on “formation tout au long de la vie”, namely lifelong training. Indeed, the region shows a strong interest in vocational training: while the region counts…

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The COMORELP Benchmarking approach: comparing Regional Lifelong Learning Policies

25th July 2022

One challenging element of the COMORELP project is the development and testing of an online benchmarking tool allowing regional teams -gathered by the Regional Lifelong Learning Labs– to consider different policy indicators, to discuss their current achievements and to define priorities for progress. These activities are meaningful even when conducted locally in one region, because…

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Presentations and Videos from the LLL-AGORA

18th March 2016

Find below highlighted in BLUE all LLL-AGORA presentations which are available for download. Monday 7 March Opening Speeches Julie WARD, (MEP S&D) – Video Message Dawn ENGLE, Co-founder and Executive Director of the PeaceJam Foundation Herman BAERT, Professor, Centre for Research on Professional Learning and Development, Corporate Training and Lifelong Learning,  Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium Presentation…

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Programme LLL-AGORA 7-8 March

29th January 2016

The last phase of the LLL-HUB project, which has been running for a bit more than 2 years, will take place at the Lamot Conference Centre in Mechelen on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 March 2016. This European conference presents a transnational pooling of expertise in order to make a comparative analysis of critical factors, identify common challenges…

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Report from the Additional LLL-Forum in Krakow, Poland

30th November 2015

An additional LLL-Forum took place on 27th of October 2015 in the Regional Labour Office in Krakow under the project “LLL-HUB”. Participants were representatives of Malopolska institutions operating in the field of lifelong learning. During the meeting,  a State of Play report was presented – a document on the assessment of the implementation of the Europe 2020…

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LLL-Agora announced: 7-8 March 2016

9th November 2015

The dates for the LLL-Agora have been set! The last phase of the LLL-HUB project will take place at the Lamot Conference Center in Mechelen on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 March 2016. This European conference presents a trans- national pooling of expertise in order to make a comparative analysis of critical factors, identify common…

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