What is the LLL-HUB project

The Lifelong Learning Hub (LLL-Hub) project brings together ten partners from eight European countries representing public authorities, civil society organisations, chambers of commerce and educational institutions.

The LLL-Hub project aims at fostering shared meaning about lifelong learning across Europe by encouraging cross-sectorial cooperation and dialogue about the European agenda at national and regional level.

The project addresses the challenge of building a genuine partnership approach by setting up a multilateral network of actors. By doing so it aims to create a feeling of shared responsibility and ownership among relevant stakeholders on EU lifelong learning strategies.


  • Foster shared meaning of lifelong learning
  • Enable cross-sectorial and multi-stakeholder cooperation at local, national and European level
  • Structure the first transnational policy learning on European lifelong learning strategies based on genuine research and dialogue at regional, national and EU level


In June 2014, partners launched the LLL-Labs, a research phase led in all partner countries for which a standardised methodology has been established.

The research builds on available resources and various stakeholders’ feedback (desk research, collecting of best practices, learners’ storytell- ing…) in order to have a comprehensive overview of the implementation of European lifelong learning strategies in each country.

Results will be compiled in national reports and compared in a global LLL-HUB report.


After the LLL-Labs the partners will organise a regional or national seminar (LLL-Forum) during the first half of 2015.

Building on the research outcomes, partners will get practical input from policy-makers, practitioners, researchers and other representative stakeholders.


The last phase of the project consists in trans- national pooling of expertise at a European conference (LLL-Agora) in Brussels in 2016 to make a comparative analysis of critical factors, identify common challenges and elaborate policy recommendations to improve the implementation of lifelong learning at all levels.


The LLL-Hub is a space which brings together all the project outputs and results of the LLL-Labs, the LLL-Forums and the LLL-Agora.

The long-term vision is for the LLL-Hub to be- come an online observatory on lifelong learning.