The last phase of the project consists in trans- national pooling of expertise at a European conference (LLL-AGORA) in Mechelen (Belgium) in March 2016 to make a comparative analysis of critical factors, identify common challenges and elaborate policy recommendations to improve the implementation of lifelong learning at all levels.

The 2-day AGORA started with a plenary session where EUCIS-LLL presented the first analyses of the LLL-HUB Report and with a panel of EU decision-makers and key stakeholders from the LLL-FORUMS. Workshops were organised accoring to the themes investigated during the project research phase. A workshop summary was presented at the beginning of the second day; workshop outcomes prefigure the Policy Recommendations for each theme that EUCIS-LLL has included in the LLL-HUB Report. The last afternoon was devoted to a High-Level Meeting between the partners and EU institution representatives to present the draft LLL-HUB Report. In the evening of the first conference day, the best practices that will have won the LLL-HUB contest will be presented at an award ceremony.

Programme of the LLL-AGORA

Short Report from the LLL-AGORA

Presentations and Vidoes from the LLL-AGORA