National/Regional State of Play Reports

During the LLL-LABS the partners conducted desk research together with the experts they had gathered to contribute during the different phases of the project. This research lead to the drafting of country/region specific reports which also include best practices and life stories collected during this period.

The reports were updated after the LLL-FORUMS which took place between March and November 2015, with the final updates made in January 2016. Subsequently the reports were used by EUCIS-LLL to compile the LLL-HUB Comparative Report on Lifelong Learning Strategies in Europe.

The structure of the reports is set according to the three theme and policy recommendations which have been outlined both in the EU Handbook and Glossary and the LLL-HUB Methodology (Methodological Guidelines):

THEME 1: National Frameworks for Lifelong Learning – towards Flexible Pathways and Comprehensive Education and Training Systems 

THEME 2: Lifelong Learning Actors – Taking the Jump Towards Learner-Centred Systems

THEME 3: Lifelong Learning Communities – Towards Genuine Partnerships and a Shared Responsibility

Policy Recommendations to Improve the Implementation of Lifelong Learning

The National/Regional State of Play Reports can be found below:


Bulgaria (EN)

Bulgaria (BG)

Poland (EN)

Poland (PL)


The Netherlands