A Friendly Meeting Abroad

14th December 2015

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The name of the project is “A Friendly Meeting Abroad”. Students and teachers from Turkey and Hungary have common linguistic and cultural origin. Through this project, the goal is to break prejudices and fear between these two countries.

Actors Involved

Students, teachers, Turkish-Hungarian linguistic experts

Target audiences

Students from Turkey and Hungary that cannot speak each others language and haven’t got any cultural information about each other.

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Political and Economic dimensions

It is about international relations. Turkey and Hungary need human resources to make relations deeper. Linguistic and cultural knowledge is an instrument that can be used in politics between Turkey and Hungary. Also, building a cultural bridge is a powerful way that could influence a closer connection between Turkey and Hungary in trade.

Social dimensions

It is easier for people to be socially active. People enrolled in the programme are motivated to follow a new educational pathway after the programme. It is easier to learn Turkish or Hungarian language and culture.



The aim of the programme is to teach students Turkish , Hungarian and each others culture. The program is adjusted to the needs of young students. The group of students are selected based on motivation. They had courses in Turkish and Hungarian.



According to both countries, it is a new methodology to improve the relations.

Key success factors

Cultural activities in addition to language courses and the adaptation of the program to the working-environment.


The results are promising. Turkish-Hungarian dictionary was prepared . The results of this programme was shared to civil society and local governments.

Contributions to LLL Policy

The main contribution is the acknowledgement of the program, which was ‘custom made’. The other acknowledgement is that students have opportunities  in each country. Linguistic and cultural knowledge serve to find job in both countries.

What could be adapted to other projects?

The idea of a language and cultural programs for their students can be appropriated in several forms, also the ‘custom made’ program, that fit the needs, are an advantage for both countries.

3. Lessons Learnt

Regarding the building of a shared definition of LLL in LLL-Hub

LLL in this example consists of giving the chance to make it possible to get a diploma in different country, in order to improve the education opportunities. It is a good link between international relations and education.

Regarding the possibilities of having practices in LLL which evolve and become more innovative

Leading students towards learning foreign language and respect cultural diversity, can help them, instead of having prejudices about the “other”.

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