Days of Entrepreneurs / As Local…. Take Action… (New Ideas in Housing, Employment and Companies)

8th September 2015

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Location / Country / Region

Medellin, Badajoz, Spain

Time frame

6 months

Short description

The project consists of a youth conference held in the town of Medellin. It focuses on creating business and boosting the tourism sector.  The conference tackles the youth employment and youth empowerment issues using different methodologies.

Actors Involved

The actors involved include the City Hall  ADL , local youth associations, an HR consultant as well as the general population.

Target audiences

The target group of the project is the young people under 30 years old from the municipality.


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Links with national / regional priorities

The conference tackles the following national/regional priorities:

– High level unemployment, especially among women.

– Difficulty of access to employment.

– Seasonal Employment.

– The lack of entrepreneurship.

– Weak production structures in the region.

– Daily Life in substandard housing.

– High crime rates.

– Family breakdown.

– Low level of partnership and participation.

– Failure in the educational system

– Development of negative behaviors toward formalized learning.

– Lack of motivation to learn.

– Difficulty to build positive life choices.

– Lack of support services for access to employment.

Political and Economic dimensions

The project aims to increase tourism activity, local business creation, and to promote the territory.

Social dimensions

The recipients of this initiative are 620 young people, between 16 and 34 years old, from the town of Medellin and especially those who have neither work experience nor social skills training.


1.Detailed description

The project seeks to facilitate the creation of alternative tourism companies run by young people. The implementation of the project was done in 3 steps.

FIRST STEP: Putting in place surveys about Medellin’s youth to detect their needs and demands concerning learning and employment issues.

SECOND STEP: Answering these needs and demands with lectures about business creation, dealing with red tape for start-ups and elaborating business plans

THIRD STEP: Taking advantage of Medellin’s tourism resources (the castle, the theater, the Roman bridge, the Hernan Cortes Square, the beach, etc.) and putting in place multi-adventure activities such as paintball, climbing or archery. These can involve the entire population of Medellin.


 2. Analysis

Key success factors 

The project was a success thanks to the involvement of different local and regional actors.

What could be adapted to other projects?

The choice of a practical training that answers to the needs of its public and takes into consideration the political and economic context of the city it is implemented in could be adapted to other projects.

3. Lessons Learnt

Regarding the building of a shared definition of LLL in LLL-Hub

It is important to involve the public in the designing of employment policies.

Regarding the key actors, their roles and activities in LLL

It is important to involve the actors who have knowledge about the youth’s needs and the economic context of the project.

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