Development and introduction of an information system for labour force competences assessment by branches and regions

26th August 2015

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2009 – 2015

Short description 

Thanks to the project, the competences of key job positions for 20 sectors have been defined (competence profiles). An information system for the assessment and the updating of employees’ qualification based on the current and perspective needs of the labour market was built up and is functioning – My Competence. ( Sectorial models were developed and tested, instruments assessment were elaborated and a regional reference network of 30 sectorial and regional units for provision of assessment was established.

Actors Involved

The project was initiated by the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) – one of the national employers’ organizations in the country. The project partners are the two national employees’ organisations. In the project national and regional structures were involved, as well as their branch organisations in the 20 sectors, employers and employees and many experts from public institutions, private companies, and NGOs.

Target audiences

The target audience of the project is:

  • Employers and employees
  • Public education authorities at the national, regional and local levels
  • Education and training providers

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Economic and Social dimensions

The project provides a solution to the  demanding challenge of ensuring a continuous and adequate response of education to the dynamic needs and requirements of the different economic sectors. If it proves to be successful the results achieved and the products developed will have a positive impact on economic and social development.



The approach and the methodology implemented ensure the collection of reliable data about the competences needed by enterprises, sectors and regions. This data can be used at the organisational, sectorial, regional and national levels when planning actions aimed at human resources development.

Key success factors

The project was a success thanks to the partnership and expertise of the specialists involved.


The actions of the project are planned in order to ensure the funding for the further broadening of its capacity and scope during the new programming period 2014-2020.

Contact Details for Practice

Website:, contact person: Bozhidar Danev, Executive Chair of BIA

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