Flexibility and Adult Learning

14th December 2015

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The Netherlands


The LLL strategy for the Netherlands needs a real boost. Most of the programmes are given by the private sector, in a non-formal setting. The government is now trying to find new initiatives and opportunities for involving the providers of formal education in LLL (most of them in the professional higher education).

We know that in spite of the relevance of this issue the ministry is lacking money for having full support of a lot of civil servants – due to the economy (cutting budgets). But there is one person full fighting for LLL, the last few years, never getting tired to talk with organisations about the ‘how to have more lifelong learners’

Actors Involved

Ministry of Education – LLL programme (Patrick Leushuis)

Target audiences

Providers of Adult Education


The Ministry opened the discussion about a new LLL strategy in the Netherlands, in 2013. Adult education will be more and more important, thanks to this action.

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