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18th January 2016

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Location / Country / Region

Flemish region of Belgium

Short description

The primary integration program consists of:

  • a social orientation course. This is an introduction to Flemish and Belgian society.
  • a basic course in Dutch as a second language
  • career guidance: guidance towards finding work or studies and the range of culture and leisure
  • trajectory counselling: individual support of the participant

The primary integration program is organized by the Welcome Office. Which integration program the immigrant will follow, is stated in its integration contract. The welcome office hereby takes into account the employment and family situation, the learning needs and demands of the immigrants. The Welcome Office follows the advice of the House of Dutch (Huis van het Nederlands) and, if necessary, of the VDAB. Whoever signs an integration contract is committed to regularly attend the training program. Upon completion of the integration program, he will receive a certificate. Immigrants who have a certificate, can enter directly in the secondary integration programme (work or further education).

Actors Involved

  • Welcome office
  • Huis van het Nederlands
  • VDAB
  • Centra voor volwassenenonderwijs

Target audiences

Immigrants who came to live in the Flemish region of Belgium or Brussels

Time frame

The time frame depends on the immigrant learner.

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