Singing Song in English!

14th December 2015

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Location / Country / Region

Turkey – Yozgat

Time frame 

August 2009 – July 2011

Short description

“Singing Song in English” aims to make the Turkish students and teachers sing songs in English. The grammar level of Turkish students improves by singing English songs. Also different songs could give students the chance to enlarge their cultural experiences.

Actors Involved

Educational organisations in the city of Yozgat such as 50 high schools and its teachers and students. With the support of the European Social Fund.

Target audiences


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Political and Economic dimensions

Educating youth as  multicultural and multilingual can serve in social policies to establish stronger relations between European countries. Students who can speak English will represent their country in Europe. In the future , we can see new international partnerships in economic and political life.

Social dimensions

Using music to improve communication has social impact. Music is a very strong social tool that can bring together young individuals who have different traits and cultural backgrounds.


Participants  prepare a list of popular English songs in their own country.

The participants select 50 songs from the list.

Preparation of the words of the selected songs is followed.

The most important result of the project called “Singlish Pack ” has already been prepared . It is used in the list and in training too.

Each participant distributed 50 lists to their region after preparing them. Thus, these students and teachers gain benefits from this project.



Trying different methods to teach English.

Build new social relations by using music.

Key success factors

Singing song will make learning English easier.

Team work will make learning more effective.


The project is spread over whole Flanders and there are regular evaluation sessions.

Contributions to LLL Policy

Connecting youth education in English to the high education.

What could be adapted to other projects?

Engaging different actors in different schools or universities.

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