The LLL-HUB space – beginning of the COMORELP project

25th August 2021

The LLL-HUB website was created to reflect the progress accomplished all along the LLL-HUB project lifetime. The LLL-HUB project (2013-2016), aimed at fostering a shared meaning of LLL across Europe by encouraging cross-sectorial cooperation and dialogue at national level on the European agenda.

The objectives of the project are still relevant today : European LLL and non-vocational adult education strategies are not sufficiently integrated, especially at the regional level, which limits the policy potential to respond to current structural challenges such as rising unemployment, socio-economic instability, social exclusion and the effects of COVID-19.

Capitalising on the results of previous initiatives and EU Projects, the Collaborative Monitoring of REgional Lifelong learning Policies (COMORELP) project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme (Strategic Partnerships for adult education), aims at building a Policy Lab in LLL.

Given the synergy and continuity of the two projects, we wanted to integrate the information and developments of the COMORELP project into this website, starting a space dedicated to the Lifelong Learning Hub, where different initiatives on the topic will converge.

The COMORELP project builds on the existing collaboration framework among key regional actors in Europe, with the view to expanding the partnership and developing a transnational interregional Policy Lab (the COMORELP Policy Lab Platform). The Policy Lab will comprise educational and training organisations and networks and will aim to assist and encourage transnational exchange of know-how in the design development and evaluation of lifelong learning initiatives/approaches integrated within Lifelong Guidance (LLG). It focuses on the role of Lifelong Learning (LLL) to support regional innovation policies that are aimed at socially inclusive economic development with a particular attention to disadvantaged adult groups. 

Coordinator: Jagiellon University (Poland)

Partners: LLLP (Belgium), FREREF – Foundation of European Regions for Research in Education and Training (France), WUP –   Labour office in Krakow, Region of Malopolskie (Poland), CIS – CIS School for business management (Italy), Arcola research (UK) and Boğaziçi University (Turkey).

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