Dual Training

31st August 2015

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Extremadura, Spain

Short description

The dual vocational training is a new type of offer within vocational training. It is performed in alternation between school and business, with a number of hours or days spent in each of varying duration.

Actors Involved

Actors involved include teachers, students and educational administrations.

Target Audience

The project is aimed at the students of vocational training.

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Links with national/regional priorities

Dual Training coincides with the tenets of the 3E Plan (Employment, Enterprise and Entrepreneurs).


Detailed description

The development of dual vocational training projects in the education system will have the following purposes:

a) To promote and boost the number of people who can get a degree of post-compulsory secondary education through vocational training courses.

b) To foster greater motivation in students.

c) To reduce early school leaving.

d) To facilitate the incorporation into the labor market as employees or self-employed as a result of increased contact and knowledge of the business world.

e) To increase the involvement and the responsibility of the business sector in vocational training.

f) To strengthen the relationship between trainers and companies and to promote the transfer of knowledge.

g) To obtain qualitative and quantitative data in order to improve the quality of vocational training.

h) To provide students with a training adapted to the demands of the labour market.

 The students have a formation period in the company for eleven weeks in the first year and eight weeks during the first and second quarter of the second year. During the second course the students receive a scholarship of 300 euros that is financed fifty percent by the company and 50 percent by the Ministry of Education and Culture.  Students who have passed the first year in the company are offered an employment contract during the summer holidays and  students are often recruited after their formation.

The dual FP shall apply to all non-university public schools of the Ministry of Education of Extremadura that offer vocational training courses : Cycles of Basic, Intermediate and Superior Training.

The project will be expanded in the future to other companies and other sectors such as energy renewable.

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