Education and the regional labour market

14th December 2015

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The Netherlands, Almere


A new town, close to Amsterdam, having a population with mostly VET as the highest level in education – that is Almere. In the last ten years there have been a lot of initiatives to have more higher education programmes available in the region, but most of them have failed. But the regional labour market is willing to invest in new businesses there, knowing that there are more higher skilled experts ready to fill in the vacancies.

Almere had decided to support the ‘Hogeschool Windesheim’ in their plans for having a Regional Associate College, offering a lot of SCHE programmes. The employers’ organisation is joining the municipality and their opinion is that this LLL strategy is important for all stakeholders.

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Municipality of Almere

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Employers, institutions, municipality


This region has the highest percentage of unemployed people, combined with a lot of them having low education. The initiative of Almere to start the discussion about SCHE is important for those people.

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