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14th December 2015

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The Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Poland and the UK.

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From 2011 till 2013 Leido has been a partner in a project about intergenerational learning, with organisations from Greece, Romania, Poland and the UK. After ending this project Leido has published a small report about the outcomes of the project, including some recommendations.

Based on this document in 2014 Leido was one of the nominated organisations for the price for the best international project, an initiative of Learning For Life in the Netherlands (because it was recommended by the Dutch National Agency, also mentioned to the European Commission as a best practice). The project did not win, but there was an award, given to Leido by Agnes Jonge­rius, member of parliament for the Netherlands.

Actors Involved

  • Learning for Life (organisation for informal learning)
  • Leido Academy

Target audiences

Students: youngsters and adults


There is more awareness in The Netherlands for intergenerational learning. This is still a difficult subject, especially in formal education. In future projects and activities it will be put on the agenda, thinking of LLL arrangements.

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