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14th December 2015

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The Netherlands, USA

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A lot of Trans-Atlantic projects have been done in the period 2000-2010. Most of them were interesting, but after the ending of a project it is the case that for 99% of the projects the cooperation is really over. That’s make the project that has been done between 2008 and 2010 by the University of Toledo and Leido very special. After the closing of the project files both partners decid­ed to go on, offering exchange programmes for managers involved in SCHE and Commu­nity Colleges (Regional Associate Colleges).

At the moment it is possible to have every year a study strip. This can be to Europe for a group of American PhD students (as an elective for this study), or to the USA for interested managers in Europe. These activities are very successful.

Actors Involved

University of Toledo (ISLA), Leido Academy

Target audiences

Managers of SCHE institutions, PhD students


The impact has been that the discussion about the role of SCHE in LLL have started and is still alive, knowing that the group is also visiting European and American institutions.

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