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26th August 2015

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Time frame

2011 -2013

Short description

This project was designed to create a new type of learning environment that support the educational/training institutions in delivering their curriculum in the most attractive and effective way for the learners. The Augmented Reality is a known technology, which is used many areas of social and economic life but is poorly used for educational purposes due to its complex nature. The aim of the project is to create a Global Environment by simplifying the process of augmented reality content creation in order to allow all educational/training institutions to benefit from its undoubted advantages. This Global Environment consists of a platform that serves as a basis for the system and an integrated content development tool, which allows the creation of appropriate educational/training AR content by the target groups.

Actors Involved

The project was initiated by Magic Solutions (BG), a private ICT company.

The partners of the project are the Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations, an NGO (BG), the University of Tallinn (EE), the Employment Agency Valdesa (IT), the University of Vilnius (LT) and the Municipal Education Inspectorate of Bucharest (RO).

Target audiences

The project is designed both for trainers in formal education system and in non-formal training organisations and for students and learners of all age groups.

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Social dimensions

Increasing attractiveness of learning is a priority for the entire education and training system and at the same time is still a serious challenge. The project provides instrument liked by both teachers and trainers involved in project activities.



The project is innovative because it applies an existing tool (augmented reality) to the education sector. The tool allows the user to work according to his/her ideas and preferences.

Key success factors

The project was a success because of the appropriate expertise of  the partners and of the commitment of the persons involved in the project implementation.


The platform is still functioning after the end of the project.

Contact Details for Practice

Magic Solutions, Website: http://www.magicsolutions.bg, e-mail: office@magicsolutions.bg

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