Library of my Dreams

11th December 2015

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Location / Country / Region

Kocaeli, Turkey

Time frame


Short description

Lifelong learning, library service and applications to increase the reading rate of adults in the partner countries.

Actors Involved

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality

Kocaeli Vocational and Art Education Centre (KOMEK)

Training Center of Fine Arts and Metropolitan Conservatory

Clayport Library Durham / United Kingdom

Learning Regions Munich / Germany

Target audiences

Public places, students, library’s staff, open to everyone

Relevant links, websites, etc.



Links with national / regional priorities

The concrete objectives of the current partnership is to increase the reading capability of each partner’s civil society, transform reading a daily activity for our citizens and consider libraries the best way of achieving better skills and abilities.

Political and Economic dimensions

Mobilities were organized between the partners. The staff and the learners of the participating institutions as well as the library’s staff travelled to partner countries so that the practices and models which were applied by the partner’s library to raise the rate of reading and change the reading habits of the area will be discussed, analysed, exchanged and applied.

Social dimensions

Through this project our objectives have been implemented by exchanging ideas, sharing and developing the experiments of different societies and conducting certain measures and activities to each partner’s area.



The project of “Library Of My Dreams” is a project which aims knowledge and experience exchange regarding lifelong learning, library service and applications to increase the reading rate at adults at the partner countries. To realize this aim, various activities were implemented. One group of activities was public awareness campaigns. Additionally, some activities like informing people, attending to the festivals, book fairs etc. were implemented. Besides the public awareness activities, study visits were realized to the partner countries. After the events and study visits, the experience of the project participants (both learners and staff) were reflected to the outcomes of the project to give light to the other studies and people at the field.



Inspire a community of reading and learning

Create community library hubs with the help and guidance of local people

Improving access through innovation and technology

Key Success Factors

Having successful library tactics as an example will be a motive to the rest libraries of the project to develop themselves


The experience of the project participants were so valuable to keep for themselves, therefore they reflected the project from their point of view through the outcomes of the project like “The Book of Library Of My Dreams” and “The Film Of Library Of My Dreams”. Thus the project gains sustainability.

Contributions LLL Policy

Lifelong learning organisations and libraries were visited, knowledge and experiences regarding the library services, lifelong learning strategies and applications were shared. These were not only sharing between the methodologies but also between the cultures.

How does it contributes in qualify members for the Labs and experts for the Forums?

To increase the public awareness, posters and brochures were published which introduces the project and gives messages regarding the project and importance of books, reading and libraries.


Regarding the building of a shared definition of LLL in LLL-Hub

It is needed to increase the public awareness of the public at present time -through the public awareness campaigns done during the project- and present the project duration and the experience of both the experts of the field and learners after the project.

Regarding the possibilities of having practices in LLL which evolve and become more innovative

It was valuable for practical visits of library’s stuffs and technology exchange.

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