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31st August 2015

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Malopolska, Poland

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Since May 20, 2008

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The Malopolska Partnership for Lifelong Learning (MPKU) brings together around 130 labour market, educational and training institutions. It serves as a platform for social dialogue on lifelong learning, supports regional authorities and policy-makers, monitors adult education in the region, cares for good quality trainings and breaks the stereotypes about learning with innovative solutions.

Within the MPKU, Standards for Educational and Training Services have been established – an innovative tool to preserve a high quality of training. This work on standards engaged most of the MPKU’s partners in an effort to help residents of Malopolska to choose the most valuable form of training among the many offers available in the market for education and training.

The Partnership also determines priority actions in the field of lifelong learning through regular partner meetings, including planning workshops and the annual conference “Malopolska opened to knowledge.”

Since 2009, the Partnership organises the programme “Educational County of Malopolska” which includes: the contest “Educational County of Malopolska”, promoting actions for lifelong learning, a drawing competition for pupils in grades 1-3 of primary school, and a film competition for pupils of secondary schools.

In 2010 the website “Malopolska train for career” was launched. It offers a regional service of lifelong learning and includes information about learning institutions and training offers in the region, as well as counselling services for career planning.

Since 2011, the MPKU partners are also involved in organizing the annual event “Educational County of Malopolska”. This event aims to promote the idea of lifelong leaning and an open attitude to development among the inhabitants of the region.

During the “Malopolska Learning Day” people of the region can enjoy free access to various forms of education including workshops, training sessions, lectures and seminars organised by education and labour institutions.

Actors Involved

Over 150 institutions active in the field of lifelong learning in the Malopolska region are involved. They include the Board of Education of Krakow, the Department of Sport and Education, the Department of Economy and Information Society of the Malopolska Marshal Office and the Regional Labour Office in Krakow.

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Key success factors

The organization of local partnership meetings of representatives from local administrations, from the labour market, and from the education and training sector. These meeting are intended to inspire the institutions to undertake cooperative educational initiatives.

Having operated for 6 years, the Malopolska Partnership for Lifelong Learning has become a well-established brand, which is recognized and appreciated in many other regions for the solutions it offers and the activities it implements. The Partnership gives affiliated entities the feeling of prestige because thanks to it they can actively participate both in lifelong learning policy-making and in the promotion of its initiatives throughout the region and the whole country.


The MPKU activities up to 2020 will be directed towards:

  • Joining a programme aiming at building mechanisms for validation and recognition of qualifications acquired through non-formal and informal learning;
  • Cooperating for the development of the concept of lifelong vocational counseling in Malopolska;
  • Supporting dissemination activities of the subjective funding of training method;
  • Promoting open attitudes towards lifelong learning;
  • Engaging the SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) in the implementation of MPKU tasks.

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