Permeability between VET and HE

14th December 2015

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The Netherlands


The permeability between VET and HE is one of hottest issues at the moment. The European economy needs more higher skilled people in the labour force. A high percentage of the people in a lot of countries is doing or has done a VET study, as a good preparation for the world of work. But in the next 10 years a lot of jobs require more competences at a higher level.

In the Netherlands LICA is an network-organisation that is taking care of how the transfer from VET to HE can be improved, already from 1993 on. The members of LICA are staff members of HEIs for professional education.

The chairs of LICA are doing a tremendous job, knowing that the government is not subsidising such a network, but the contribution to what the ministries has to do in this field (VET-HE) is very valuable. That’s why it is necessary to support LICA, in one way or another.

Actors Involved

LICA (Roel van Asselt / Pierre Poell)

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Managers of HE and VET providers involved in transfer from VET to HE


Since 1993 LICA has been important for all options for a transfer into higher professional education. Even now LICA is involved in all kind of new activities, based on the national strategy for HE, having all dynamic developments in VET and other sectors in mind.

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