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31st August 2015

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Malopolska, Poland

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The main objective of the project was to increase the social participation and the labour activity of unemployed inhabitants of Malopolska aged 50+.

The project aims to prepare and test a model that involves 45+ aged volunteers to work with unemployed inhabitants of Malopolska aged 50+. The main steps of the implementation are as follows:

Preparing volunteers to work with people aged over 50 years (implementing training for volunteers / tutors)

Individual 1:1 meetings  (tutor and 50+ person)

• Organizing inspiration meetings in order to exchange experience, build confidence and enable cooperation

Implementing 4 months long trainings for people aged 50+

Organizing two conferences/galas summarizing each phase of the project (information and promotion of the project, integration of all involved people and entities)

The result of the project was an employment rate of 40%.

Actors Involved

The project is realized by 6 partners: the Regional Labour Office in Krakow, the SPRING associations and 4 district labour offices.

Target audiences

The project is addressed to 200 unemployed people (120 women and 80 men), aged 50-64, at risk of social exclusion, who are living in Kraków, Tarnów, the Tarnowski district, the Chrzanowski district and the Nowosądecki district. Project participants seek to develop their skills in order to return to the labour market.

The second group of participants (170 people) are volunteers aged 45+ working for Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA (the SPRING association), who wish to become involved in the mobilization of people aged 50+. They have professional experience and knowledge as well as motivation and willingness to share their skills with the unemployed participants of the project.

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The project offers a new method of working with unemployed people aged over 50 based on the volunteering of people aged over 45.

Contact Details for Practice

Regional Labour Office in Kraków

Plac na Stawach 1, 30-107 Krakow

Tel. +48 12 428 78 70

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