Regional Strategies of Learning Validation and Education

26th August 2015

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Time frame

2012 – 2013

Short description

Under the project several products were developed to support regional and local authorities in their development of LLL strategies such as a methodology and instruments for the analysis of the local situation and for the definition of priorities, and objectives and measurement tools for the development of a LLL strategy in the respective territory. Representatives of regional and local authorities were trained in the implementation of the products developed. Regional models for the validation of vocational qualification acquired in a non-formal and informal way as well as 2 regional and 8 local LLL strategies were elaborated.

Actors Involved

Partners in the project were the Institute for Postgraduate Studies (a division of the University for National and World Economy), a national employees’ organization, the municipality of the town of Varna, and the Institute for Training of personnel in International Organizations (a NGO active in the field of education and training).

Target audiences

The project is aimed at:

  • All actors in the development, the monitoring and the implementation of LLL measures at the regional and the local levels
  • LL learners

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Key success factors

The project was a success thanks to the innovativeness of the approach implemented and to the expertise of the partnership.


The 2 regional and 8 local LLL strategies developed in the frames of the project were approved by the respective Councils.

Contact Details for Practice

Contact person: Ludmil Kovachev, Executive Director of ITPIO, e-mail:

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