Career Guidance System in School Education

16th February 2015

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2012 – 2015

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Under the project a network of 28 regional career guidance centres was established and all of them are functioning providing information, counselling and trainings to students in the school system supporting education and career planning and management, transitions from one level of education to another and from education to employment. The centres provide specialized services to students form specific target groups – at risk of dropping out; with specific education needs etc. Various information is provided on national Portal for career guidance – about education and training opportunities in the country, professions, labour market. It which includes also adapted and standardized instruments for provision of counselling; interactive exercises in career guidance of students from V to XII grade; register of the career guidance centres and counsellors. Manual for the career counsellor was also developed.

Key words – career guidance in school system 

Actors Involved

Ministry of Education and Science – initiator and coordinator

In the project implementation were involved, after a tender procedure, lots of actors – 1 NGO active in the field of education, training and career guidance, providing certified GCDF training, above 20 private organisation providing training and active in ICT sector etc., as well as experts in the field of education, employment and development of occupational profiles.

Functioning of the centres is based on partnership network including local authorities, social partners, education and training organizations and other actors.

Key words – career guidance in school, online information the world of education and professions

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School students, parents, teachers, guidance professionals

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Theme 2, topic Guidance

Key words – guidance of school students, individual education planning, career planning and management, public services in support of LLL

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Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environmental dimensions

The activities implemented ensure building up a system for career guidance in school education in Bulgaria as a necessary prerequisite for integration of learning and personal development in the individual life strategy of students. In this sense it will contribute to improvement of motivation for learning and stimulate active participation in training process, increasing the achievements of students and will prevention of drop outs. In addition, the functioning of the system is built on cooperation between school education, business sector and labour market and thus will bring as added value effective cooperation models.


The model implemented of services provision is based on combination of individual work of the student with information online and face to face counselling and group trainings.

Key success factors

The fact that the Ministry of Education and Science is the initiator and coordinator and that the project was funded by ESF through OP HRD is the main success factor. Of course the expertise and commitment of specialists and organizations involved in implementation of the project contributed for realization of project objectives into practice.

Sustainability dimensions

The network of the established centres and partnerships at regional level will continue their work after the project end.


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