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16th February 2015

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2012 – 31.10.2015

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Under the project 10 career centres were established in the employment system for support of career development of employed persons. Qualified experts provided services aimed at the improvement of personal capacity and development, identification of individual skills, priorities and barriers for career development, definition of appropriate training opportunities, development of personal career development plans and skills for career management. Partnership networks were established involving social partners, local authorities, education and training institutions and organisations. Career days and meetings with employers were organized on the territory of the country. The organanisation of events of this type is included in the scope of activities of the centres.

Actors Involved

The employment Agency is the initiator and coordinator of the project.

Many additional actors companies, NGO, experts in guidance, selected on tender procedure were involved in establishment of the centres. In the functioning of the centres lots of local actors are involved – public authorities, vocational schools, vocational training centres, universities, community centres, adult training providers, employers, NGOs, youth organizations etc.

Target audiences

The project targets employed and self-employed persons of all age groups. Special attention is paid to young and adults with low qualification, at risk of losing their job, entrepreneurs who need improvement of their management knowledge and skills and key employers in the respective region who need additional qualification or requalification of their employees.

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Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environmental dimensions

The activities implemented under the project set the foundation of a system of career guidance system for the working population. Supporting the individual career planning and the individual development of employed and self-employed persons will contribute to their active involvement in LLL based on personally important objectives. This will lead to continuous improvement of their employability which will bring added value to the business sector – employers will have motivated workers with better qualification.



The design of the services provided ensures a link between personally important objectives and learning, which is the main advantage of project. The activities of the centres in practice contribute to the popularization of the benefits of LLL among adults by giving them the opportunities to experience them.

Key success factors

The fact that the Employment Agency is the initiator and the coordinator of the project and that the project was funded by ESF through OP HRD is the main success factor. Also, the expertise and commitment of  the specialists and organizations involved in the implementation of the project contributed to the success of the project.


The centres will continue to provide services after the project ends. Gaining experience, they will improve and broaden the scope of their activities according to the needs of their clients.

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