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17th February 2015

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2013 – 2015

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The project was initiated by Ministry of Education and Science with the aim of establishing a system for validation of vocational qualification acquired in non-formal and informal way. Based on analysis of the interests and needs of potential users and stakeholders in the country and of practices in EU MS, Methodology for implementation and maintaining a system for identification and recognition of knowledge, skills and competences, acquired through non-formal and informal training; Manual for validation of vocational qualification, acquired through non-formal and informal training; Exemplar instruments validation of vocational qualification, acquired through non-formal and informal training were elaborated. The system is based on state standards for vocational qualification elaborated on learning outcomes approach. Its system was tested in vocational schools. Online platform is functioning. Changes in LVET were adopted regulating the citizens’ right to acquire vocational qualification through validation.

Actors Involved

Ministry of Education and Science was initiator and coordinator of the project

Partners were:

Government institutions – Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Employment Agency, National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Justice;

The two nationally representative Employees’ Organizations;

Three nationally representative Employers’ organisations.

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Theme 1, Topic: Recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning

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Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environmental dimensions

Ensuring the necessary legislative, methodological and organizational prerequisites for validation of qualification acquired in non-formal and informal way will contribute to increasing the value of learning, which will have a positive impact in economic and social aspect.


Utilization of existing structures, expertise and partnerships in the field of VET and filling the gaps for implementation of validation through adoption of legislative changes, elaboration of methodological basis for implementation and provision of specialized training for its implementation to the vocational training providers, the main actor in the validation process. The system was developed and tested with the participation of the main stakeholders which is a prerequisite for their support in implementation on broad scale and further improvement.

Key success factors

The main success factors are the composition and commitment of the partnership for project implementation, availability of state standards for acquiring qualification in professions, interest of citizens to the opportunity for acquiring vocational qualification through validation.


Functioning of the system developed and tested in the frames of the project is regulated by LVET and specialized Regulation of terms and conditions for validation of vocational knowledge, skills and competences adopted after consultation with the stakeholders.

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