We are all human

14th December 2015

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The name of project is “We are all human”. Turkish students and teachers struggle against racism and xenophobia.

In this project, teachers focused on preventing the spread of racism and xenophobia by providing students knowledge about different cultures .

Actors Involved

Students, teachers, parents, school managers.

Target audiences

Turkish students that are effected by dangerous ideas such as racism, xenophobia.

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Links with national / regional priorities

This initiative comes from B-post itself. The government, civil society, parents are partners

Political, economic and social dimensions

It is about a new way of thinking about international, inter-cultural relations. Anti-racist behaviours can lead new generations to forming new economic relations. Also, it is important to understand and respect other cultures without prejudices, and to view “the other” as friend, not as an enemy.


The goal of the programme is to inform students about different cultures, preventing at the same time the spread of racism and xenophobia. By demanding help from civil society, government, school managements students were informed about different cultures. Internet is a very important tool that can be used, for example a lot of activities promoting respect for other cultures were planned. Of course, teachers play the biggest role.



Interactive platforms were used in this project.

Key success factors

Teaching about different cultures,

Anti racist movement

Struggle to prevent xenophobia

Contributions to LLL Policy 

The main contribution is the acknowledgement of the program, which was ‘custom made’. The other acknowledgement is that students have had information about different cultures.

What could be adapted to other projects?

The idea of giving information about different cultures and make the students oppose racism and xenophobia can be appropriated in several forms, in addition with the ‘custom made’ approach of the programme, which could fit the needs of all countries.

3. Lessons Learnt

Regarding the building of a shared definition of LLL in LLL-Hub

LLL in this example is about giving the chance to make it possible to establish new common culture between different countries, in order to improve international relations. It is a good link between international relations and education.

Regarding the possibilities of having practices in LLL which evolve and become more innovative

This programme could be an example for other work areas and countries. The problem is this project is limited to Turkish students. To compare results , the students from different European countries should be tested in same project. To gain similar formed information, the individuals and institutions have same position have to act same or similar role. Otherwise comparable information or feedback cannot be gained.



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