LLL-Forum in Krakow, Poland: “Lifelong Learning strategy: Are we going in the right direction?”

22nd April 2015

The LLL-Forum “Lifelong Learning strategy: Are we going in the right direction?” organised by the Małopolska Region in Poland as part of the LLL-HUB project (with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme) took place on 13 April 2015. It brought together around 50 experts from local and national authorities, employment agencies, training centers, educational associations and business organisations. Together they assessed the state of play of the implementation of the regional lifelong learning strategy and the achievement of Europe 2020 objectives. Many discussions took place as to how to reach out to low skilled and motivate adults to take up training opportunities as adult participation in lifelong learning remains very low in Poland. Very interesting initiatives have been developed to face such challenges, such as training vouchers and the labelling of training centers around common quality standards. Discussions also stressed the need to adopt policy guidelines on the implementation of an integrated system of qualifications and of validation mechanisms. Audrey Frith, EUCIS-LLL Director, stressed the common challenges facing partners and the importance of sharing solutions, whether bad or good, to improve LLL strategies at all levels.

Download the Report from the LLL-Forum Krakow

Download a more comprehensive report:  RAPORT_HUB_Forum

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