LLL-Forum Amersfoort, Netherlands

1st June 2015

Experts at LLL Forum Netherlands

One of the last LLL-Forums was held on May 28th 2015 in Amersfoort-Schothorst (Netherlands). The meeting took place in the afternoon with 18 Dutch LLL-experts who were able to provide a wealth of experience and connections in order to actively contribute to fruitful discussions. In the morning, a pre-Forum was held of which the subject was the introduction of new qualifications at level 5 of the NLQF and hence the EQF. This can contribute to increasing the flexibility of learning pathways and thereby the way in which an individual can take part in ‘lifelong learning’.

For a new type referred to here LEIDO has taken the lead, providing an excellent opportunity with this pre-Forum to test how certain groups feel about the developments.

The conclusion is that there is taken a clear step, with useful suggestions to continue the work during the coming year. The LLL-Forum offered, after short introductions about the project and the conclusions of the draft report on the ‘state of play’ in the Netherlands regarding LLL, four sessions on the themes set by the LLL HUB Project.

Session 1: National Frameworks for lifelong learning: towards flexible pathways and comprehensive education and training systems;

Session 2: lifelong Learning actors: taking the jump towards learner-centered systems;

Session 3: lifelong Learning communities: partnerships and shared responsibility;

Session 4: policy recommendations to improve the implementation of Lifelong learning.

The approach here was the question of whether it is possible to bring together all parties in the Netherlands in an LLL Platform (DUCIS-LLL) as the interlocutor of the Dutch government. Together with the representatives of those parties, including NRTO (private education), Learn for Life (informal education), NCP NLQF, NL3H (Higher Professional Education) and other expert groups, we can conclude that this approach provides a good opportunity. In addition, partners representing the Dutch industry need to get a place, in a way to be determined, given the complex structure of the labor market. The basis for a DUCIS-LLL (following a LLL HUB) must in any case be the importance of the individual as learner, seeking opportunities for the individual and the company he or she is working for, to consider how the society and the economy as a whole can benefit from this. This recommendation will be further elaborated in the Dutch State of Play, looking back on a successful LLL Forum.

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