LLL-HUB features in EUCIS-LLL 2014 Activity Report

22nd January 2015

EUCIS-LLL just published its 2014 Activity Report, providing a thematic overview of our actions during 2014. In 2014 EUCIS-LLL continued with good work. The report gives an introduction to the LLL-Hub project. EUCIS-LLL organised several events in the European Parliament, including our 4th Lifelong Learning Week. They have been partners of different European initiatives in the field of civil society representation. The Annual Conference 2014 was linked to European priorities, in order to send timely input in the framework of the Education and Training 2020 Review. EUCIS-LLL continued with their policy analysis and contributions via their website and different publications and they participated in high level working groups and events.



Take a look at what we did in 2014:

– Capacity-building and peer-learning
– Rethinking Learning
– Raising awareness on Lifelong Learning
– Promoting and participating in civil dialogue
– Standing up for better EU programmes


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