The Malopolska Partnership for Lifelong Learning (MPKU)

2nd June 2022

By Magdalena Tarnowska-torbus from WUP – Labour office in Krakow, Region of Malopolska (Poland) – Comorelp project partner

As a model of good practice, we have decided to share one of the longest-standing examples within our portfolio, one that is still in operation, and continues to evolve and support our activities in the field of Lifelong Learning. This is The Regional Partnerships for Lifelong Learning which has been operating since 2008. For over a decade, it has initiated new solutions and fostered cooperation among its members again and again.

What explains the success of this particular regional initiative? The answer is: acting on the basis of a common system of values. Among these are: social solidarity, mutual responsibility, social acceptance, the outlook of an equal status between the partners, transparency (meaning mutual trust, honesty and openness), active involvement, maintaining quality in terms of any action taken and complexity in creating solutions for life. These elements keep over 100 institutional stakeholders cooperating and transforming the field of adult education within the region.

The main aim of MPKU is to make lifelong learning the governing principle of regional education policy, and to offer people living in Malopolska opportunities to learn throughout their lives, whatever their background or context.

Although the partnership operates under the aegis of the Regional Labour Office, it is fully autonomous, its meetings are attended by both public and private organizations, including non-profits. The participants discuss the current situation of the LLL process, and its current challenges. Such discussions also allow for an overview of the obstacles which the LLL process must face when operating on the market.

Thanks to the partnership, the LLL stakeholders learn more about each other, and their different perspectives on the problems, as well as having a chance to define their priorities together.
There are certain solutions worth mentioning which were initiated by MPKU and developed and implemented by the Regional Labour Office, one of which has been The Quality Label of Malopolska Standards for Education and Training Services (MSUES). It is a means of establishing that training and consulting services are carried out at the appropriate standard, that the company is managed well, and that the quality of services provided is checked and monitored by a public institution.

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