Final LLL-HUB Comparative Report and Methodological Guidelines now AVAILABLE!

3rd May 2016

LLL-HUB Methodological Guidelines

As part of the project, LLL-P (formerly EUCIS-LLL) has developed Methodological Guidelines on the implementation of the LLL-HUB Methodology which can be used by those in other countries who would like to join the LLL-HUB community.


This project seeks to improve multi-level governance and EU dialogue. By inciting regional and national policy-makers and relevant stakeholders to reflect upon the EU agenda in the field of LLL, the LLL-LABS and LLL-FORUMS were crucial tools to raise awareness and foster ownership on EU action within partner countries. Besides, the LLL-AGORA initiated a genuine debate between key EU representatives and informed stakeholders.

The overall LLL-HUB Methodology is therefore the synthesis of an innovative model of EU dialogue from the grassroots level to the Brussels sphere and will be exploited as such by the exisiting project partnership.

View and download final Methodological Guidelines

Comparative Report on the Implementation of Lifelong Learning Strategies in Europe

The Comparative Report on the Implementation of Lifelong Learning Strategies in Europe was compiled by EUCIS in early 2016 in collaboration with the partnercomparative reportship. The report aims to sum up the contents of the National/Regional States of Play and the draft report was presented and discussed during the LLL-AGORA in Mechelen in March 2016. After this final conference the report was updated with the Policy Recommendations from this international conference.

The report is structured according to the three themes (and policy recommendations) which correspond to the themes tackled in the National/Regional States of Play and contains a brief overview of the situation in each partners country and some selected practices, among which the winners of the LLL-HUB Award Contest.

View and download the Full Comparative Report

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