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18th March 2016

Find below highlighted in BLUE all LLL-AGORA presentations which are available for download.

Monday 7 March

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Opening Speeches

Julie WARD, (MEP S&D) – Video Message

Dawn ENGLE, Co-founder and Executive Director of the PeaceJam Foundation

Herman BAERT, Professor, Centre for Research on Professional Learning and Development, Corporate Training and Lifelong Learning,  Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

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Presentation of the LLL-HUB project’s main achievements

Audrey FRITHDirector, Lifelong Learning Platform


Workshop 1: Implementing lifelong learning strategies on the territories

Trend 1: Why and how to implement efficient lifelong learning strategies at territorial level?

  • Leren werkt! (Belgium, FL) Presenter:  Carolien De Hertogh  (Project coordinator Leren Werkt! and working for L4-adult education)



Trend 2: Cooperation between formal education and business

  • Bpost programme (Belgium) Presenter: Kathleen Van Landeghem (Head of second chance education at CVO Antwerpen)
  • Lifelong Learning for employees’ adaptability to their changing workplace (Portugal) Presenter: Catarina Neto (Consultant for HR Development at Advancis Business Services)
  • Dual Training (Spain) Presenter: Patricia Mora (CEO of Gestiona Global)



Workshop 2: Enrolling people in their lifelong learning pathway

Trend 1: Raising Awareness on lifelong learning and reaching out strategies

  • Dreams Academy (Turkey) Presenter:  Selin Akdere (Consultant Psychologist at the Social Service Centre of Mardin in Turkey)
  • Cop(m)adam (Turkey) Presenter:  Hüseyin Haşimi Güneş
  • Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment (Bulgaria) – Presenter: Petar Petkov

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Trend 2: Mentoring and lifelong learning guidance

  • 50+ experienced, needed, qualified (Poland) Presenter: Paulina BELSKA (Krakow Council Labour Office)
  • Soufflearning  (Spain) Presenter: Antonio Serrano ( Project Manager, Badajoz Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services )
  • Career Guidance System in School Education (Bulgaria) Presenter: Denitsa Mihaylova



Workshop 3: Recognising and valuing LLL Pathways

Trend 1: Supporting learners in their life transitions

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Trend 2: Recognising prior learning and taking individuals a step further

  • Oscar (Belgium) – Presenter: Ronny Leenknegt (member of staff of Socius, the support organisation for social-cultural work in Flanders) and Gie Van Den Eeckhaut
  • Challenge 2016 (Spain) Presenter: Marcial Herrero (Extremadura University – Phd , Lawyer)
  • Life Management (Netherlands) Presenter: Bert Wissink (Chairman of EBC*L – international network offering recognised courses for entrepreneurial and business competences and skills)



LLL-HUB Award Winners



Tuesday 8 March

Summaries from the workshops with Policy recommendations

Worksop 1 Trend 1: Magdalena Jelonek, Sociologist, Assistant Professor, Krakow University of Economics, Poland

Workshop 1 Trend 2: Jesús María Espinosa Redondo, Project Manager, Cáceres Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Spain

Workshop 2 Trend 1: Yunus Aslan, Immigration Expert, Mardin Provincial Immigration Office, Turkey

Workshop 2 Trend 2: Nadia Kamburova, Institute for training of personnel in international organisations, ITPIO, Bulgaria

Workshop 3 Trend 1: Jan Nienhuis, Advisor, Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB), The Netherlands

Workshop 3 Trend 2: Hilde Van Laer, Researcher, CVO Antwerpen, Belgium


Feedback session and Future Steps

Policy recommendations and future steps

Audrey FRITH, Director, Lifelong Learning Platform, Belgium

Lessons learnt from the implementation of the  LLL-HUB methodology

Liliane ESNAULT, responsible of the Project development of the European Regions Foundation for Research, Education and Training (FREREF), France

The DISCUSS Online Platform: Fostering Synergies between Lifelong Learning Communities

Thomas FISCHER, Senior Researcher, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität (LMU), München


Reactions and Recommendations: Ways forward for LLL implementation in Europe

João SANTOS, Deputy Head of Unit, Vocational education and training, apprenticeships and adult education, DG EMPL, European Commission








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