Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organisations (ITPIO), Bulgaria

Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organisations (ITPIO), Bulgaria's logo

ITPIO is a private non-profit organization (NGO) with the status of Association. Members of the Association are currently 5 leading Bulgarian universities and colleges, the most powerful trade union in Bulgaria, one of the 6 national employers association, the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, local and regional authorities (such as the Blagoevgrad Regional Inspectorate of Education, also partner in this project), 7 SMEs, 2 corporations, 1 private hospital, 3 adult education providers, 7 centers for vocational training, 6 NGOs active in the education field, 2 regional school inspectorates, many schools, 3 language schools, some school teachers associations and many individuals – prominent experts in the education, training, social, economic and academic spheres.

The main activities of ITPIO are:
–    Consulting of local, regional and national authorities in defining and implementing educational, labour market and youth policies (development of local and regional strategic documents);
–    Training competition candidates to enter international institutions;
–    Training the central and local Bulgarian public administration staff on the introduction of European standards and requirements in their work;
–    Training SMEs managers to improve their leadership competences;
–    Consulting for SMEs in improving their human resources, finance and public relations policies;
–    Training staff in the public administration, universities, companies and NGOs in the field of development, management;
–    Reporting on VET projects funded by international sources, including funds and programmes of the EU; Development and management of projects funded by the EU Structural Funds in Bulgaria;
–    Labour market researches; research and analytical activities in connection with Bulgarian VET institutions’ training programs; proposals for their optimization and modernization;
–    Research activities for the prevention of early school leaving;
–     Research and scientific, practice-oriented activities for the development of programs and methodologies to foster a closer relation between education and the labour market.

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