Mardin Province Social Studies and Project Management (Mardin PSSPM), Turkey

Mardin Province Social Studies and Project Management (Mardin PSSPM), Turkey's logo

Mardin Provincial Directorate Of Social Studies and Projects is a directorate under control of Mardin Governorship. As Directorate they are working on different areas from education to sport, from culture to human rights. The organisation has a European Union Projects Coordination Centre with four project specialists.


The organisation’s aim is:
•    To monitor and evaluate the individual’s biological, psychological, social and cultural development and create solutions to problems which may appear.
•    To support people in accessing services related to general health, main education, and cultural activities.
•    To plan activities – in the native and foreign language, religion, education and training to enhance all students’ abilities without discrimination as to race, cultural, social, economic background. To organise activities where they are necessary and there are training and technical issues; this supports the operation of those collaborating and can be in a day nursery, study training centres, reading rooms, language schools, private schools, culture, arts, sports courses, vocational and technical education courses, computer, information and communication open courses.
•    To ensure cooperation grants, loans and other contributions for the use of distance education in order to provide young people with essential information and communication technologies.
•    To ensure that disadvantaged groups, especially women have access to education, culture, sports and other social activities (courses, exhibitions and fairs).
•    To produce social policies for youth who are the future of the country and to create awareness of environmental issue and nature by bringing people together.
•    To conduct studies about the training of skilled labour and identify professional, administrative and managerial training needs of the region.
•    To reduce unemployment through education and counselling to support outcomes such as the setting up of an own business.
•    To support projects aiming at increasing revenue, social, industrial, economic and ecological harmony and supporting weak/poor social sectors, manufacturing and service sector and the for-profit / non-profit businesses / organizations and institutions – those adversely affected by the development problems of the country’s vocational and technical education.
•    To eliminate gender discrimination and applications in the medium and long term and to support the development of women, the family and the community to strengthen their social status and to increase their influence in decision making.
•    To carry out joint activities with other civil society organisations in priority development areas and within disadvantaged sections of the society in the country
•    To generate solutions through sustainable development projects to solve issues around  poverty, economy, culture, administration.
•    To improve the quality of education and language learning, to promote cultural dialogue, with the aim of providing training programmes and organise training courses to cooperate with the countries of the European Union.
•    To prepare reports in accordance with the purposes and fields of study for commissions and working groups within the Association (Health, Social Studies, Law, Education, Arts, Culture, Economy, Industry, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry areas) to create projects through the association of these commissions and working groups and to assure that these projects are open non-commercial institutions or fields of work for the people who paved the way for the community.

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