Methodology and Methodological Guidelines

The four elements to the research methodology of the LLL-HUB and the Methodological Guidelines:

  • The LLL-LABS, a research phase led in all partner countries for which a standardised methodology has been established.
  • The LLL-FORUMS, a regional or national seminar organised in each partner country during the first half of 2015.
  • The LLL-AGORA, which constitutes the last phase of the project. It consists in trans- national pooling of expertise at a European conference (LLL-AGORA) in Brussels in 2016 to make a comparative analysis of critical factors, identify common challenges and elaborate policy recommendations to improve the imple- mentation of lifelong learning at all levels.
  • Together, these three elements form the LLL-HUB, a space which brings together all the project outputs and results of the LLL-LABS, the LLL-FORUMS and the LLL-AGORA.

The long-term vision is for the LLL-HUB to become an online observatory on lifelong learning.

As part of the project, EUCIS-LLL has developed Methodological Guidelines on the implementation of the LLL-HUB Methodology which can be used by those in other countries who would like to join the LLL-HUB community.

This project seeks to improve multi-level governance and EU dialogue. By inciting regional and national policy-makers and relevant stakeholders to reflect upon the EU agenda in the field of LLL, the LLL-LABS anGuidelinesd LLL-FORUMS were crucial tools to raise awareness and foster ownership on EU action within partner countries. Besides, the LLL-AGORA initiated a genuine debate between key EU representatives and informed stakeholders.

The Methodology is therefore the synthesis of an innovative model of EU dialogue from the grassroots level to the Brussels sphere and will be exploited as such by the existing project partnership.


Download LLL-HUB FULL Methodological Guidelines

Download Initial Research Methodology for LLL-LABS

Download Initial Research Methodology LLL-FORUMS

Download Evaluation Summary Report LLL-FORUMS